Thursday, April 29, 2010

No place like home

I don't exactly know what to title this post-maybe after I finish i will think of an appropriate one.

Yesterday Mark put up a new fence for the llamas that had luscious grass over a foot high. The boys have been lusting over it and trying to get out of their pasture (and sometimes succeeding) to get there. We haltered them all and brought them to their new "home" for a few hours (actually thought maybe a couple of days). Well............didn't take that long-maybe 3-4 hours one of them got their head stuck and pulled out the stakes to get out. We finally decided that it wasn't going to work to leave them there so we opened up their gate (to their home) and let 2 of them run down the driveway without halters on and they ran right into their own "home" pasture we let the remainder run and they followed right into their "home" pasture. :-) It made us smile.

moral of the story: even though we think life is better and more satisfying somewhere else....there is no place like home.

Guess I never would have realized how much we can learn about life from watching and caring for animals.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IT'S HERE! Spring newsletter-enjoy!

thank you much, Maria!!

If you have any questions about the newsletter, please email or call.


I am sooooo trying to upload my newsletter to my blog. The last time I had my computer reformatted the PDF program part of it was deleted so now am having a hard time finding something that works with every ones computer :-( . And OF COURSE, my internet service is the slowest in the world! Hopefully it will work out real soon. If anyone is interested in receiving my newsletter via email, please let me know and I will send in out.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I promise that I WILL have my newsletter completed and posted by Monday!
Just a reminder that open house/shearing days will be May 27. 28. 29 from 10-5. This year in addition to the open house we will also have a campfire/brat fry to help Hannah (daughter-in-law) raise support for her mission trip to Kenya. If you would like more information as to what Hannah and the team will do while there go to .

We are praying for perfect weather -well, hopefully dry :-). It is so awesome to see the flowers and green grass. It is fun watching the birds carry off pieces of llama fiber for nest building. I can't wait for the grosbeak to migrate thru the area and the hummingbirds and blue birds!! I love spring!!

I am working on some one day classes for vacationers in the area. So if you are vacationing in Sheboygan Co. and would like a project to do on the loom, needle felt, or knit that would only take a couple of hours to 6 hours to complete, give me a call.

have a great day!