Wednesday, November 9, 2011


THIS is long overdue post!! During the months of November & December we will have a knit along on Fridays. We will be working together on Christmas presents. Come when you can and leave when you must. You have a choice of working on the Marina scarf by Rosetti. This is very easy and fun-it looks like you worked really hard! the cost of the yarn is: $14.00 and the scarf requires only one skein.

The second choice is a mobius. I have a pattern and you have your choice of yarns from the shop. You will learn the mobius CO. We will be using a bulky yarn. price: $8.95-14.95 skein.

The third choice is from Louet using the Eastport Alpaca. This is the Louet Sampler Scarf using a variety of patterns. the finished scarf is 10" x 56" using 2 skeins. The pattern is written out in words or you may use a chart (a good intro to reading charts).

A fourth choice would be to make a Christmas sock ornament. This a great "learning to knit a sock" and only have to knit a single sock! yarn cost: $6.00 plus needles or bring your own

The cost is $10.00 a week and you may stay as long as you want (if you like you may even bring a lunch :) and enjoy sitting by the fireplace knitting.
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate will be provided).