Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wow, I really can't believe it is almost Christmas!! This will be an eventful season for us. Our daughter, Kari, is getting married the 18th in the Dominican Republic and we will be traveling there December 16th and staying until the 20th (not long enough BUT better than not at all). Please pray for good weather both for flying and here on the farm and shop. We are getting excited! This is the first time my husband, Mark and son, Daniel, have traveled out of the country.
Our son, Nick who lives in Boston, will meet us there. I wish Jon & Hannah & kids could also come with us to truly be a family vacation but................not so. It will be an exciting experience!! Also, when it is in the 20's here, it is in the 70's-80's in Santiago :-). One day we will spend at the beach!!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!! The time there will go way too fast!

The shop will remain open -Rhonda will be here Thurs, Fri, and Sat. and Wendy will be here on Monday. My mom & dad will also be here so come by to say "hi" --my dad is always ready to visit :-)!!!!

I hope this is a very Blessed Christmas Season for you all as we remember the true reason for the season.