Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Germany vacation

top left: view of Neuenschwanstein from Hohenswanstein castle.
middle: Bavarian city of Fussen, this town was only a matter of 25 minutes from Austrian border--we spent 2 days of WALKING!!! and many blisters!!! It was worth it!
The picture of the street is amazing to me as there were cars going both ways plus people all over. It seemed as though there were no rules of driving anywhere. LOVED this city!
My internet connection is the slowest in the world!! I am trying to upload some pictures of our vacation. This picture is overlooking the Alps and the village below from Neuenschwantstein Castle. It was so breathtaking!!!
It seems like ages ago. My cousin's daughter is leaving on Friday from her 21 day stay here and summer is almost over. Kari leaves for the Dominican Republic on August 4 for her orientation for her new job. She will be one of 3 kindergarten teachers in her school. Daniel is in Grand Rapids applying for jobs and looking at apartments for his Senior year at Cornerstone.
well, off to finish work and taking Jennifer out to an Italian pizza place :-). have a great day!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

WOW! I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. So many things have happened since April. My daughter, Kari, graduated and we went on our trip to Germany and Austria. We had so much fun touring and visiting with family! It was 37 years since I visited there last and it was fun connecting with family. I am starting to save for my next trip to Germany only this time Mark, my husband will go along. :-)

We were gone 17 days and the shop survived with Mark and son, Daniel, working --they did a terrific job!
i will post some pictures of our trip soon.
Tomorrow I pick up my cousins daughter,from Germany, from O'Hare and she will stay with us for 21 days. She was so much fun in Germany-hope she has as much fun here as we did there.

well, off to work. Have a great day!