Thursday, May 1, 2008

sure sign of spring!!

These socks are made by Mary D. The socks are a kit by Skacel for Knit for the cure - Booby sock kit. it sells for $19.95 and each band on the sock deals with an aspect of mammogram. Mary says they were lots of fun to knit up and she is on her third pair! Mary is the speediest sock knitter I have ever known!

One of the neatest sign of spring is the arrival of the grosbeaks, Orioles, cardinals, gold finches, indigo buntings, and the many sparrows! I love feeding the birds and seeing them migrate through our yard! There is so much color under the feeder and on it! Yea... guess spring is finally here in spite of the weather. :-)

Now I wish it would just stop raining so the fields and pastures could dry out for planting and cleaning. There is just so much to do before open house and llama shearing day May 22-24.

take a look at for a schedule of shearing days. It will be fun days with lots of demonstrations.