Thursday, October 16, 2008

whirlwind fall!! BEAUTIFULL!

This has been such a busy fall. We have had company for 2 weeks-my folks were here for a little over a week then my son and family (with grandkids :-) ) and Nick from Boston. It WAS a lot of fun having everyone here. I actually got a lot of things done outside when having the grandkids here and watching them. Even got some windows washed and flowers and bulbs planted!

now with everyone back at home, I can get back to knitting and catching up in the shop. BUT it was so nice having everyone here. I hope the pictures load on this blog (my computer is so slow!) Living on the farm of course things break down more than you would like but it was so cute to see Lucas and Matthew try to help grandpa fix the chopper :-) they are big helpers and they love being on the farm. At one point I was looking around for them and they were on the barn floor jumping down a stack of hay and having fun doing it!! It makes me miss the time when my kids were little. Have to smile. I do like them the ages they are now, tho.
The top photo is our early morning coffee time on the porch. I am going to miss this when the weather gets colder. It is such a beautiful, quiet spot. Well, back to work. Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall day.