Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wedding pictures, time at the beach

The picture on the right side was taken by the beach in Puerta Plata. It took us 2 hours by bus and we laid on the beach for 10 minutes then the sun hid under the clouds--needless to say none of us got a tan and we returned home just as we arrived :-). But we had a great time!
the other pictures are family at the wedding. upper middle names: Josu, Rudy, Maria, Ambiorix, Kari, Nick (our son who lives in Boston), Victoria, and Daniel. We had a great time meeting some of Ambiorix's family-even though language was a barrier.
It was a very beautiful wedding and a great time.

Christmas, Wedding, New Year!!

Where does time go?! Christmas tree and decorations all put away for another year! Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and I wish for you all a Very Happy New Year!!

A highlight of our Christmas was our daughter's wedding in the Dominican Republic, December 18th. We left for Chicago on the 16th at 2AM and arrived in the DR at 8:30 that night. Life doesn't stop in the DR. We went out for supper at 9 PM and celebrated Daniel's birthday at the home of Ambiorix's mom and arrived back at the motel at almost 2 AM! The weather there was PERFECT!! We left Cedar Grove 13 degrees and about 5 inches of snow on the ground, arrived in the DR 75 degrees -everything lush green, flowers everywhere! It was sooooooo beautiful! I would love to show you my pictures -just ask when you come into the shop. It was a shock coming back December 20th to 5 new inches of snow dressed in sandals. :-) We have lots of great memories. The picture above was taken at Ambiorix's uncle's house. This is where the wedding was held and his family did a fantastic job decorating and with the food! It truly was beyond our expectations. Thank you so much Ventura family. The picture was taken in the outside courtyard of the house. And the temperature was about 76 degrees :-)!

Now to get back to work. During the months of January and February, we will again have finish projects month. Come into shop to finish knitting your projects on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Enjoy sitting by the stove/fireplace enjoying great conversations working on your knitting projects. OR start a new project to get a head start on your next Christmas presents.