Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beautiful spring day!!

Wow, I Can't believe it has been over a week since I last posted on here. My parents were here for a visit last week then my daughter, Kari and her friend , and son Daniel came for the weekend. It was VERY busy but fun!

Today was a fun day with some euwww moments! My grandson was playing outside and I realized i hadn't seen him in a while so went out to look and found Ernie (our dog) just standing there . i tho't that weird so wnet to investigate and found lucas had walked into the runoff from the heifer barn! He was totally stuck in poop and mud!!! Poor kid!! he was stuck up to the knees! I couldn't pull him out w/o getting stuck myself so had to call his dad. Good thing for hoses outside!! Anyway, he loves telling everyone this story -only wish i had my camera! the adventures of farm life :-)!

On the cleaner side, i have been working on finishing up a Manos throw for one of my chix with stix. It turned out so awesome! I will post a picture of it as soon as it is off my camera.
The picture above are of some socks I have been working on using Regia-Kaffe Fassett Designer Line sock yarn! It is totally awesome and fun to work with! I just ordered and received a whole new shipment of it with scrumtious colorways for the shop. You will have to come check out the yarns!

Friday, April 11, 2008

These pictures show what I want things to look like outside. :-) instant summer or winter not the mud and slop between seasons~sort of like life at times. It is fun watching the birds pull out llama fiber from fences to make their nests.
It's Friday and very rainy and dreary AND super wet!! It is NO fun being here in the mud!
Well, it is a good day to knit, clean or put things away in the shop :-) ! OR make the house smell good by roasting a chicken -yummmmmmmmmmm!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

YAAAAAYYYYYYY it is Thursday-the best day of the week. Our knitting group meets every Thursday night from 6:30 - 9 or 10. We have anywhere from 10 - 25 gals that come. It is a time of refreshment, laughter, conversation..........and of course knitting! :-)

I had been trying to upload some pictures of projects i have been doing but because of weather or internet connections not able to. i will have to wait and do it when time permits.

This weekend we get to babysit for both grandkids while my son and daughter-in-law celebrate their anniversary.and go out of town. I sure hope it is nice for playing outside as
I went and bought the kids some rubber boots for playing outside! We have had soooo much rain and it is so muddy! but they will have a good time. Even if it was dry and there were no puddles for miles around - they would manage to find a puddle :-) but they do wash and it so much fun listening to them squeal with laughter. I will try to post some pictures of the weekend and some of my projects next time.